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Why Private
Histroically higher returns and unique opportunities, traditionally only accessible to the ultra-wealthy.
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Wealth Creation

Invest like the 1%,
with just $10

Access investment opportunities traditionally only available to the rich. Invest in pre-IPO companies, real estate, and private equity with just $10.

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Private Markets

Go beyond
the stock market

Navigate private equity with StartInvest Private Equity Fund. From growth investment to exits, we have it covered.

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Real Estate Investing

and tax benefits

Get a head start in real estate investing with StartInvest Real Estate Fund. Invest in real estate deals with as little as $10.

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Investment Strategy

We bring private market investment opportunities to the masses, ensuring equitable access to wealth creation. We use cutting-edge technology to transform market participation and accessibility.


Top Tier Investments

Co-investing along top-tier investment firms, provides access to expertise and unique deals.


Diversification and Risk Management

Our fund structure aims to mitigate risk and maximize returns via diversification.


AI Technology: Low Fees

Our technology platform would enable us to provide a low cost solution to clients.


Less Jargon: More Investing

Hassle-free private markets, unlocks potential of stacked returns for eveyone.

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